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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)?
  • A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a Registered Nurse who uses his/her existing expertise as a healthcare professional plus specialized training to consult on medical-related cases. A Legal Nurse consults with attorneys to quickly pinpoint and interpret medical and nursing issues in any medical-related case involving health, illness or injury.

Why do Attorney's need Legal Nurse Consultants?
  • A Legal Nurse Consultant should be an integral member of your litigation team. While the attorney is the legal expert, the LNC is the expert on the healthcare system and its inner workings. Nowhere else will the legal profession have access to this level of cost-effective expertise and training for reviewing medical records and understanding and communicating the terminology and subtleties of the healthcare system. From interpreting medical jargon to preparing you for court, the LNC will give your practice the competitive medical edge.

When Should
Attorney's contact NOLA Legal Nurse Consulting?
  • From the moment a potential case comes in, NOLA LNC can become an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit, making sense out of voluminous amounts of cryptic medical records and providing other LNC services relevant to the case.

Why Should Attorney's consult with NOLA LNC when they are already using an MD?
  • NOLA LNC services are far more cost-effective than using MD experts exclusively. As RNs we have worked face-to-face with patients every day and have spent much of our time educating patients, and therefore superbly qualified to put medical terminology, disease processes, health issues and the healthcare system into easy-to-understand language for your team, the judge and the jury.

Why should Attorney's consult with NOLA LNC when they already have a paralegal?
  • A Legal Nurse Consultant differs from a paralegal in that a paralegal assists attorneys in the delivery of legal services. Legal Nurse Consulting is defined as a specialty practice of nursing noting that the professional foundation is first and foremost, nursing.  A legal nurse consultant uses existing expertise as a health care professional to consult and educate clients on specific medical and nursing issues in their cases.
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